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Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of digiflip. What, pray tell, is 'digiflip'? - It's a little company that builds websites. It's based in Ballina, NSW, Australia.

Professional, custom and unique websites

all websites created by digiflip are designed and built using a wealth of hard earned experience.

Over 10 years experience
digiflip's main man - Mark Law built his first website in 1997. This was way back in the early days of the web before even the dot com boom and bust
Very competitive rates

digiflip can build you a professional website at very competitive rates due to:

  • low overheads
  • using the best and latest open source content management system -Joomla!

My hourly rate is $60 Australian Dollars

It usually takes between 10 to 40 hrs to design and complete a website depending on what you want Remember, anyone can design a web site, just like anyone can take a photograph, but there is a big difference if it is done by a professional.

Search Engine Friendly

All websites designed and built by digiflip are built from the ground up as search engine friendly (sef) as possible. The world of search engine optimisation changes by the minute but by following a few simple guidelines and by adhering to web standards it is likely that your website will do just fine.

Don't forget though the most important part of search engine optimisation is your websites content - "content is king". Now this is where you come in as it is up to you to provide digiflip with your well written and considered content.

Adherence to W3C standards (upon request)

W3C stands for the "World Wide Web Consortium". The W3C was founded and is chaired by the original pioneer of the Internet - Tim Berners Lee.

The W3C sets the standards by which websites should be built. Here is their mission statement:

"To lead the World Wide Web to its full potential by developing protocols and guidelines that ensure long-term growth for the Web."

Building websites that adhere to the W3C guidelines is often much harder than building websites that don't. It is therefore usually more costly to do. The advantage is that you can be sure that your website will be more accessible to more people amongst many other benefits.

Friendly, sincere and fast service

Since at the moment digiflip is really only a one man show you will only deal with the one man! That one man is in fact me - Mark Law. You can easily contact me whenever you need to as I always have my mobile with me. Usually of course I'm sitting here in front of my computer designing and developing websites.

I'm a friendly chap they say and I always strive to be sincere. Now you don't have to believe me, just ask my clients.

Since I have designed and built quite a few websites now and have an ordered way in which I do it I can fulfill your website needs in a short amount of time.

Self updatable (content management system - upon request)

Nowadays with everyone using the likes of Facebook, web based email, Internet banking and so on it seems only a natural progression to build websites that are easy to update using a content management system.

What is a content management system? - well basically it is a system that lets you manage the content of your website. Here at digiflip I use the Joomla content management system as in my professional opinion it is the best one.

All you will need to manage your website is a web enabled browser. I recommend FireFox.


Mark has made me a great website and did everything I wanted. His advice is sound and he is very genuine in his dealings with clients. I thoroughly recommend Mark and his digiflip.:)

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